The applications below are used to monitor your engines remotely. Learn more about them here. 

In order to get set up with these features, please either call us at 800.562.4735 and ask for the EMS department, or email us at EMS@tractorandequipment.com.

Get the data you need to meet your energy goals.

Cat Connect gives you the customized data you need to identify and resolve problems quickly--often before they result in costly repairs and unscheduled downtime. Choose the Cat Connect features that best fit your goals. Whether you aim to improve efficiency, reduce risk, cut costs, or boost your bottom line, the data is at your fingertips through any cellular or local network connection. 

How do I use My.Cat.Com? 

My.Cat.Com consolidates all of your equipment data in one place, with one login. It makes for easy access to important information about your engines anywhere you go, so you can make smart decisions about your equipment and your business. Learn more about My.Cat.Com here:

What does the Cat Inspect App do?

Cat Inspect is an easy-to-use application that allows users to download and complete Caterpillar and user-defined inspections, with the option to include additional information such as images, comments, and ratings. See the full demo video below to get a feel for the app.

What is S·O·S?

Caterpillar's S·O·S program is an in-depth oil and coolant sample analysis program. You send us a sample of your engine's fluid, we check for contaminants and send you the results. This analysis can indicate potential component problems before they do serious damage. Learn more in the video below.

Parts.Cat.com (PCC)

PCC is open for business 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Imagine, more than 1.4 MILLION genuine Cat parts at your fingertips. Everything from new to remanufactured, all as close as point…click…parts.

If you have more questions, feel free to contact us regarding anything on this page.