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Equipment Management Services (EMServices) is designed to help you better manage your assets and lower your operating costs. Working with T&E, you can monitor location, fuel burn and utilization, as well as health and maintenance issues like hours, fluid contamination and more. You will know where your equipment is and what it’s doing with remote, real-time information.  

PL542 Benefits and Installation

Easy to install and effortless to operate, the PL542 puts you in command and control:

  • Regular monitoring of machine and operator performance for improved productivity, efficiency, and utilization.
  • Maintenance tracking and maintenance alerts so your machines spend more time in the field and less time in the service bay.
  • Automated data gathering and analysis for more accurate cost-estimating, improved cost control, and better capital management.
  • Location tracking and machine usage alerts improve job site security and help to control insurance costs.
  • Identification of avoidance zones and up-to-the-minute operations monitoring for enhanced job site safety.

Connecting is easy and can be completed in a few simple steps.

  • Order your PL542 kit. Visit your nearest T&E branch or call us.
  • Your kit includes the PL542 unit, the required mounting hardware, and a harness for your Cat equipment.
  • To register and activate our PL542, contact our EMS team by clicking HERE
  • Get Connected and start getting the insights you need today.
  • Fully compatible with your Cat or mixed fleet machines.

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