A Committed Planned Repair Order(CPRO) is a priority parts ordering option for dealers to obtain parts, with the greatest assurance that they can meet customer requirements when and where needed

CPRO is made a minimum of 90 days before ‘Ship by Date’ 

  • Model
  • Serial number
  • Contract information (i.e. contract type and number)

85 days prior to ‘ship by date’, order becomes firm and the Dealer cannot cancel. Any changes within the 85 days must be agreed to and performed by Caterpillar.

While a CPRO does not guarantee parts ship by dates, it is the best way for you to receive your major overhaul components and also ensures maximum uptime.

  • Highest probability of receiving a complete order for your planned repair
  • No emergency fee
  • Reduces backorders
  • Highest parts priority in event of backorder
  • Dedicated worldwide expediting

 “The next time you need your engine overhauled, make it a CPRO”

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