Unrivaled Rental Support

With the broadest product lines, industry-leading customer service, and a highly experienced local staff, choosing T&E The Cat Rental Store or T&E Power Systems is always a smart choice for your business. Click Here to view our full rental product line brochure.

  • Maximize Uptime. We employ trained technicians who maintain a rental fleet in like new condition to ensure that renters receive the most productive, reliable machines.
  • Maximize Efficiency. You can expect the latest technology, whether it’s Caterpillar® or other quality brands of equipment, for top productivity. Renting from us allows you to use the latest technology equipment without the concern of costly depreciation.
  • Minimize Maintenance. With equipment rental, you can eliminate costly service shops, service tooling, spare parts and maintenance records. It’s all taken care of as part of your rental agreement.
  • Eliminate Storage. There’s no need to maintain a storage yard. Just give us a call for quick pick-up, or drop off the equipment at our nearest T&E location when you’re done.
  • Free Up Capital. Renting frees up business capital for other expenses and investments. Since an expense is only incurred for the equipment when it’s needed for a job, the extra capital associated with equipment ownership can be allocated elsewhere to help your company grow profitably.
  • Supplement Your Fleet. Your job requirements may change with your customers’ demands and though you may not have the right equipment on hand – we do! You can rely on us to quickly supply the right tools for the task.
  • Road Test Equipment. You may be considering a purchase in the near future and want to try out the equipment in jobsite conditions. Renting a similar model from us can help you make the choice that will best suit your business.

Stop by or contact us today...Our knowledgeable staff can help you bring more dollars to your bottom line.

T&E The Cat Rental Store

  • Cat Heavy Equipment
  • Scissor and Boom Lifts
  • Light Towers
  • Compaction Plates
  • Rammers
  • Trench Shoring
  • Submersible and Heavy-Duty Pumps
  • Mobile Generators less than 50 kW
  • Air Compressors less than 600 cfm
  • Other Preferred-Brand Products

N C Power Systems  

  • Generators 50 kW and Above
  • Air Compressors 600 cfm and Above
  • HVAC, Water Chillers, and Air Conditioners
  • Cable, Transformers, Fuel Tanks, Distribution Gear, and Load Banks