Image of Cat Excavator Technology using Ease of Use.

Curious about buying a mini excavator? You are not alone. If you’re considering buying a mini or micro excavator soon, you should start by choosing a trusted source for heavy machinery solutions with experts in the industry to assist you while you shop for the right products to boost efficiency, improve safety, and save time. From large dozers to small excavator attachments, Tractor & Equipment has been around since 1929 helping customers like you shop for the right construction equipment needed to finish the job.

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Image of Cat Mini Excavator digging
Image of Cat Mini Excavator
Image of Cat Mini Excavator

Micro Excavators? — We got you covered!

Choosing the right size excavator for your project is crucial to ensure the safety of your workers, increase workflow, and minimize overall project costs. Thankfully, we’ve filled this blog post with helpful information about mini and micro excavators, size specifications, and other key details to consider when shopping for compact equipment. We invite you to read our guide to learn more about mini excavators.

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Size comparison video of mini and micro excavators

Too Big, Too Small: Choosing the Excavator That’s Just Right. 

Ideally, you’d want to start by assessing the needs of your project. Specifically, do you need a compact excavator for tight spaces or, maybe a mini excavator for light-duty digging? Once you’ve determined the type of excavator you need, consider the weight and size of the machine. Will it be easy for you to transport to and from your job site? Occasionally, you may have questions that come up, so, before investing in construction equipment, make sure to educate yourself and speak with an expert sales representative to discuss your project. Trying to decide which excavator is the right size for your project? We’ve put a quick comparison of four mini excavators to help remove some of the guesswork:

Cat® Mini Excavator Specs:

ModelNet PowerOperating Weight
Dig Depth
Cat®301.8 21 HP4473 lb 101.2 in
Cat®30323.6 HP7817 lb116.1 in
Cat®306 CR55.9 HP15766 lb162 in
Cat®308 CR69.5 HP20077 lb182.8
Size comparison of Cat® Mini Hydraulic Excavators

Cat® Exclusive Features

• Stick Steer

This feature allows the operator to control the boom and bucket from the end of the boom arm rather than from the cab, a notably useful property when working in confined spaces.

• Tilt Up Cabins

The raised cabin provides operators with easy access and better visibility to key components during routine maintenance.

Ease of Use Technologies for Cat Mini Excavators®: Excavator Technology for Mini Excavators

Image of Ease of Use suite of features for Cat Mini Excavators Technology
Image of Ease of Use suite of features for Cat Mini Excavators

Ease of Use hardware comprises a group of sensors that communicate with your mini excavator to acknowledge boom, stick, bucket, boom swing, and house positions in relation to the underage. Moreover, this breakthrough technology ensures that you have complete control over your mini excavator, in addition to machine processing to help navigate through tight spaces and challenging terrain.

Ease of Use Suite of Features for Cat® Mini Excavators includes:

Indicate: Entry-level grade system

• E-Fence: Set operating boundaries

• Swing Assist: Return-to-trench system

• Bucket Assist: Maintains bucket angle

Video of Ease of Use Technologies for Cat® Mini Excavators

Unlock New Capabilities with Cat® Attachments

Image of Cat Excavator attachment - Auger

Now, if you’re looking to increase productivity, you’ll want to consider purchasing Caterpillar attachments. Cat attachments, help you get the job done, with less effort and less time. Tractor & Equipment Co. offers an extensive range of mini excavator attachments tailored to Cat machines, such as Augers, Buckets, Hammers, and Trenchers, you can be sure to maximize productivity, efficiency, and safety with tools specifically designed to enhance Caterpillar machines.

Ready to Dig Deep?

Finally, if you are sold and ready to jump-start your small DIY or large construction project, it might be in your favor to speak with an expert in the industry before making your final decision. Earth-moving equipment can make your job easier and help you achieve your project goals, luckily, T&E offers a wide selection of mini excavators and you’re bound to find the perfect size mini excavator for:

• Trenching

• Material handling

• Truck loading

• Landscape transformations

• Demolish/remove small structures

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Thankfully, we have a team of construction couriers available to transport your heavy machinery, directly to your location. As a result you’re able to condense your task list by choosing delivery as an option to take care of one less thing. Moreover, we’re here to provide you with cost-saving and time-saving solutions for any construction project, whether you’re seeking to rent a small backhoe or dig deep, start by contacting us today!

Own a Mini Ex?

Already an owner or just purchased a used or new Caterpillar® excavator? Check out this video for help on how to operate your Cat® Small Excavator.

Video of how to operate your caterpillar® small excavator

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